Sangguniang Kabataan

Section 423, Creation and Election: In every barangay, there should be a Sangguniang Kabataan that will consist of one chairman, seven SK councilors, one secretary, and one treasurer. A Sangguniang Kabataan official, during his term of office, should have passed the age of 21 years, shall be allowed to serve the remaining portion of the term which he was elected. Here are some FAQs about SK:

What is Sangguniang Kabataan?

It is the governing body in every chapter of Youth Federation. Each barangay in the Philippines is assigned by law to have its own chapter of the Sangguniang Kabataan aging from 15 to 21 years old who resides in their respective place.

What is their task in the barangay?

Usually, Sangguniang Kabataan manages the Youth and Sports Commission because of the fact that they are youth and they must represent all the youth living in a certain barangay. SK officials are usually the people behind various sports programs. They can even host a party for the youth in special occasions like Valentine’s Day and Christmas. This is for the purpose of uniting the youth and their constituents for a successful socialization. SK chairman is also a part of the whole barangay meeting. He or she will represent his/her league and can also make a stand on the issues that their barangay will tackle.

Their individual roles:

Chairman of SK shall exercise the same powers as the Chairman of the barangay does. He/she must be respected of his/her constituents especially the youth. He/she must enjoy the same benefits that other barangay council has but most especially, he/she must do their job in order to earn the respect of the people. The SK secretary of course must take down notes of their meetings and reread it on their next meeting. The SK treasurer shall take the custody of all SK property and funds approved by the barangay chairman. The seven SK councilors must help each other in making their youth as good and organize as it must be. They must help their SK chairman in able to do their tasks as youth ambassadors.
Sangguniang Kabataan is a great job to do, so if you feel like serving your community, start it early and join the league.

Who may join the league?

All Filipino citizens at least 15 years old up to 21 years old can run in SK elections. They must of course be a resident of the barangay and they must complete the requirements of the COMELEC.

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