Union of Local Authorities of the Philippines

The Union of Local Authorities of the Philippines (ULAP) group was formed in September 1998. It serves as a way for local government officials in the Philippines such as mayors, vice mayors, governors, councilors, baranggay officials, etc. to discuss national local issues that affect the country.

ULAP is like the microphone of numerous minority leaders who want to bring up their opinions about the national issues that should be given much priority. It’s mission is to unite all the Member-Leagues and improve their partnership with all of the stakeholders. This will ensure a genuine local and fiscal autonomy for all Local Government Units. Thus, ULAP can be confident enough in having a smooth and efficient delivery of basic services to the people.

Union of Local Authorities of the Philippines has 11 member leagues which are the federation of local elective officials and league of local government units. Local elective officials are composed of the following:

80 Governors
80 Vice-governors
1,498 Municipal Mayors
120 City Mayors
1,631 Vice-mayors
16,718 Councilors
41,995 Baranggays
335,960 Sangguniang Kabataan

The league is not a hoax because obviously, they have a lot of members and a lot of supporters.

To unite all of the members of ULAP, the group holds regular forums, consultations, dialogues, debate, seminars and most importantly, team-building workshops. The group also conducts seminars and briefing for newly elected officers. This is a way of making the new officers cope up with the league and to be a better leader to their constituents.

ULAP’s past issue tackled was the Charter Change. The league agreed that this national issue should be brought up to the Supreme Court. The proposal to amend the constitution through people’s initiative was lead by ULAP through Bohol Governor Erico Aumentado together with the Sigaw ng Bayan representative, Raul Lambino. Until now, the petition hasn’t been solved because of many complicated reasons.

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